How to install and share a printer over local area network (LAN)

Sharing a printer across a network is a requirement in every company and some homes. It assists in sharing of peripherals accessed from different computers that are in one network amongst the computers and also printing them easily without having to move them. This makes the sharing of printers over networks important as it saves time and makes work easier. This article highlights the steps of installing and sharing a printer over a Local Area Network (LAN).

Installing a printer

Installing a printer on a computer requires basic computer knowledge and this makes it easy to be done by most people. First and foremost one needs to ensure that the connection between the printer and the computer is in good state then follow the installation process. The following steps are to be followed so as to install the printer:

  • Click the windows button found on the keyboard. This can also be done by clicking on the windows icon found on the left bottom of the computer (i.e. on windows 10).
  • Type printers and faxes and click to open.
  • Click on add printer.
  • The printer will come up after searching and then connect to the printer.

Sharing a printer over Local Area Network

First, one needs to ensure that the printer drivers are in good state on all the computers in the connection, then install the printer on the computers and then connect the computers using the cables or on a wireless connection if the hardware supports.

Additional drivers that may be require in the connection have to be added by Clicking on ‘Additional Drivers’ and checking all the drivers that are needed then click OK. After checking the drivers and the connection of the computers, the following steps are followed while sharing the printer over the connection:

  • Install the printer on the network server or domain controller by using the setup wizard found under ‘printers and faxes’ then click on ‘Add a Printer’.
  • Click on the windows icon and type printers and Faxes. Click to open.
  • Right Click on the ‘New Printer’ Icon and select properties.
  • Click on the ‘sharing’ tab and highlight `Share this printer`.
  • Fill in the share name field with the identity you have selected for this printer.
  • Install the printer on other network computers by opening the printers and faxes console
  • Open the printer installation wizard by clicking on Add Printers
  • Click `Next`, select ‘network Printers` then click `Next’ again.
  • Highlight “Browse for a printer” and click next. This brings a list of every printer available on the network.
  • Highlight the printer you wish to add the click Next
  • Click finish and send a test page to the printer to ensure that it is working. This is done by right clicking on the printer Icon, choose properties and click on print a test page.

These steps should be able to lead you through the installation of a printer on LAN.

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