How to install an operating system (OS) into a computer

Installing an operating system on a computer can be done by inserting an operating system installation disk or drive in a computer then booting the computer from the disk or drive. The processes used in installing an operating depend on:

  • Weather the computer is new or already in use.
  • Weather the Operating system is on a disk or drive

This article outlines the steps taken for a successful installation of an operating system.

Installing an Operating system

First and foremost, if the computer was already in use, the need to back up data arises. This is done by partitioning of the computer disk and backing up all the relevant data on the new disk. This is done by right clicking on This PC and then left click on manage.  Click on storage and then Disk Management. Click on ‘C’ and then shrink volume. You will be prompted to key in the size of the disk that you want it to shrink to. Follow the procedure and then copy all the data in your computer to the new volume created. In case a computer is new, this process is not necessary as there are no data in the computer

The following steps are followed while installing an OS on a computer:

  • Insert the drive or the disk in the computer then boot the computer. This can be done by long pressing the computer power button to switch it off then wait for some few seconds before pressing the power button again to start the computer.
  • In case of the disk, the computer will automatically boot with the disk. But in the case of a drive, you can make it bootable or you will have to specify on how the computer should boot when it is restarting.
  • Wait for the computer`s first start up screen to appear then a small window on which you can press the setup key will appear. You can also start pressing the setup key as soon as the first window appears.
  • Long press DEL or F2 to enter the BIOS page. The computer might prompt you to press a different key. Use that key in case prompted to.
  • From the computer BIOS page, select your installation disk or drive

NOTE: Different computers have different BIOS keys. You can read your computer manual to confirm the key of your computer.

  • Locate the boot order section which is normally on the main page of the BIOS. You may need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate in the BIOS window.
  • Select the location from which you want to restart your computer. In this case, you will start the computer either from the disk drive or an external drive e.g. flash drive.( The disk drive is usually labelled as CD-ROM Drive while the external drivers coming up as removable drivers)
  • Move your selected location to the top of the list. This s done by pressing the + key with the boot location that you want to use selected until it is at the top of the list.
  • Save your settings and exit the BIOS. Press enter to confirm.
  • Restart your computer. This will boot from your flash drive or disk and it will start installing the OS.
  • The installation will prompt you to click on and confirm some actions. Follow the prompts to the latter

These steps are to be followed in most OS.  Installing an OS on a computer using this method will be successful. On other Operating systems, i.e. apart from windows, the same procedure can be followed.

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