Network Monitoring

Network Infrastructure set – up, repair and diagnosis

Networking services are critical to the health and functionality of any data center, office set-up or any work station. Proper management of these services is job one for any IT organization. Unreliable networks can lead to delays in email or to extreme situations can bring an entire business to a standstill. For instance, if the systems attached to your network can’t get an IP address by using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), then they won’t be able to communicate with any other system. Similarly, if Domain Name System (DNS) isn’t functioning properly, then your systems won’t be able to look up the address of any system on the internet.

Key Features

We ensure that all endpoints are properly terminated to network switches to remove the possibility of internal network traffic sniffing by computers and users. We also isolate infrastructures that carry sensitive data through virtual LAN (VLAN) technology and/or Firewalls.

We diagnose and troubleshoot physical and logical network infrastructure e.g.:

Physical cabling

Logical topologies

Network devices

Network services.

Microsoft outlook, outlook express, windows mail, Microsoft mail.