Electric and Razor perimeter fence


Electric Razor

Security comes first in most circumstances and that’s why we have a variety of security solutions that enable you to secure your most valuable investments. We install and service Electric fences and perimeter fences in business premises, homes, schools and institutions, workshops, and other security-sensitive places. Electric fences are used to deter intruders like people, animals from entering a restricted area. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort to death. An electric fence creates an electrical circuit when touched by a person or animal. A component called a power energizer converts power into a brief high voltage pulse. One terminal of the power energizer releases an electrical pulse along a connected bare wire about once per second. Another terminal is connected to a metal rod implanted in the earth, called a ground or earth rod. A person or animal touching both the wire and the earth during a pulse will complete an electrical circuit and will conduct the pulse, causing an electric shock. The effects of the shock depend upon the voltage, the energy of the pulse, the degree of contact between the recipient and the fence and ground, and the route of the current through the body; it can range from barely noticeable to uncomfortable, painful, or even lethal.


A perimeter fence is a structure that circles the perimeter of an area to prevent access. These fences are frequently made out of single vertical metal bars connected at the top and bottom with a horizontal bar. They often have spikes or Barbed wire on the top to prevent climbing. Residential perimeter fences are normally made of wood about six inches thick, or a solid wall. Some fences may be string-like pieces of metal stretching across horizontally and vertically, creating a mesh of metal.