Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is a type of TV broadcasting system which transmits the signals to limited monitors (unlike Public TV Transmission) for Security, Surveillance, and Monitoring purpose. CCTV systems usually utilize CCD (Charge-coupled device) video cameras, wired or wireless communication mediums, Transmitters / Receivers, or the Internet for video transmission.

CCTV security system is not only used for surveillance and security purpose but also in other fields like homes, shopping malls, parking yards, traffic management,  banks, hospitals, airports, educational institutes including schools, colleges & universities, and in factories to monitor production lines and other activities.

We install a variety of CCTV security products customized to suit different security and surveillance needs. Below are some customized CCTV security systems for different institutions with different needs:

School CCTV Security Systems

We survey, design, and install CCTV security solutions and school CCTV systems that help school administration to monitor every single activity within a school set up.

The introduction of a professional CCTV system into your school will produce a number of major benefits to your educational environment and the following are some of those benefits.

Improved educational attainment, increased deterrent, increased staff, Staff, and students protection

Church CCTV security systems

If installed in a church or organization, CCTV systems can have the below benefits to the church:

Deter Thefts and Criminals, You Can Monitor Children’s Areas, You Can Broadcast or Record your Services and You Can Keep the Staff and Congregation Accountable

Office CCTV security systems:

The benefits of installing a good office CCTV system can be enormous:

Increased professionalism, safer working, and reduction in theft and eliminate fraudulent insurance

Home CCTV security systems

The following are some benefits of installing a CCTV system

  • Increased deterrent,
  • increased detection,
  • remote monitoring and
  • reduced fear of crime.

 All our domestic CCTV systems have full internet capability and can be expanded to include additional security devices such as perimeter beam sensors, pressure pads and infrared proximity detectors.

Factory/workshop CCTV security systems

The introduction of a professional CCTV system into any factory environment can have an immediate positive impact on the business.  The most commonly highlighted benefits are: Increased theft deterrent, safer working environment, equipment, remote monitoring, increased staff professionalism and punctuality, eliminating fraudulent insurance claims and identifying inefficiencies.

Note That:

All installation work (cable & post-installation) is carried out to the highest standards by qualified engineers.  Where appropriate, out-of-hours installation can be arranged to avoid disruption to your business.

We have a number of CCTV systems that are ideal for office installation. 

We offer both stand-alone systems and also computer-based IP CCTV systems that can be installed and run over your existing cable network.

We offer a range of high-quality cameras that include specialist cameras such as covert and PTZ cameras.

We synchronize your CCTV surveillance systems with portable devices like smartphones, tablets, iPods, and laptops for remote viewing.

We install beam sensors, motion sensors, pressure sensors, magnetic proximity sensors, vibration sensors and simple magnetic door and window sensors alongside CCTV systems and if one of the sensors is triggered, our system will send an alert via text or email notifying you of a potential security breach. You will then be able to view any of the cameras on your CCTV system via a suitable internet-enabled device and quickly establish if action needs to be taken.