Strongest Telecommunication Network Providers in the World


The rising demand for wireless communication networks and the ongoing innovations in information and communications technologies has led to the rapid growth of the telecom companies in the world. In the near future, with the likes of IoT and M2M, The telecommunication industries especially those companies that offer Telecommunication Network are expected to be at pars with these new technologies and embrace them in their services. This article highlights the Strongest Telecommunication Network providers in the world.

Some of the great companies that offer Telecommunication Network in the world include:

  1. Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom AG services more than 160 million mobile customers with a presence in over 50 countries and 216,000 employees. It is a Germany company and in the early 2019, it had a market value of $67.334 billion. In that year, that is 2019, it had two thirds of its revenue generated outside of Germany. This company seeks to build efficient networks that meet future broadband needs.

  • Telefonica S.A.

It is a company that originated from Spain. In 2018, it operated in 24 countries with most of its customers in Latin America. Had a market value of $43.01 billion in early 2019.with cloud computing, mobility services, data centres, enterprise voice and security services as its main products and services.

  • America Movil

Originated from Mexico and had 363.5 million access lines, including 280.6 million mobile subscribers worldwide in 2017. It had a market value of $52.505 billion in early 2019. In 2018, Mexican regulators approved its plan to legally separate its Telmex fixed-line infrastructures division from its cellular division. This was a progress as it had a number of issues of anti-conglomerate rules that aimed at dismantling its telecommunications monopoly previously.

  • China Telecom

Has Its headquarters at Beijing China Telecom is a state-owned company that provides fixed-line telephone services to 194 million customers. According to it its website, as of December 2018, its mobile services reached 303 million customers, and broadband reached more than 145 million. in 2019, its market value was $42.558 billion

  • Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation

It was founded in Japan. As at February 2019, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation had a market value of $81.564 billion. It derives much of its business from fibre Internet connections. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation relies on the sales of its cloud computing services to increase its customer base.

The above companies are some of the Strongest Telecommunication Network providers in the world

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