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Sci Fi

Almost all new technologies that are discovered today have previously been used in science fiction. Sci-Fi Technology refers to the Fictional technologies that have been realized so far.  These fiction technologies can be seen either in movies or any other piece of art that can bring out the coolness of the imagination. This imagination is what later is invented by scientists and made into something useful in the society. This article outlines some of the coolest technologies that have arisen from science fiction to bring out the importance of Sci-Fi in the society.

First and foremost, today we see the likes of Sofia the robot, an artificial intelligent robot, the first one ever in history to receive citizenship in Saudi Arabia. More and more technologies that seem more of fiction than reality are now coming out as reality and this makes Science fiction very important in the modern society.

  1. Powered Exosuits from Star ship Troopers

In the book of star ship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, the fiction of the space marine trope suite was described with its ability to give the soldiers more power during the battle. In the book, the suits were said to give the soldiers more intelligence, better legs, eyes and ears, stronger backs, more firepower, greater endurance, less vulnerability and was armed with gorilla-sized weapons. From this fiction, Russia recently revealed their powered suit with a body Armor and high-tech HUD. Also USA has plans to create the TALOS suit which has an Iron Man-like powered exoskeleton

  • The Bussard Ramjet from Tau Zero

In 1960 Robert Bussard a physicist proposed the Bussard Ramjet that was made famous in Tau Zero. This ramjet creates a miles-wide electromagnetic field that acts like a net to collect free-floating hydrogen, and then funnels it into the central engine, where it is compressed until it creates fusion. The energy created from nuclear fusion is then ejected from the engine and creates thrust. It collects fuels as it goes and this makes it to not require fuelling. Also the spacecraft has the ability to accelerate to ludicrous speeds potentially allowing human passengers to cross the entire universe within one lifetime.

  • Terraforming Methods from Green Mars

This is a technology that outlines the timeline for terraforming the Red Planet. Mars trilogy by Robinson is recognized as one of the seminal sci-fi accounts of terraforming. In Mars, there is enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create the right cocktail of gases for humans to breathe, there seem to be enough nitrates in the soil to create an Earth-like atmosphere and there is enough water frozen in the ice caps to create a functioning water-cycle.

These three technologies are some of the cool technologies that arose from science fiction and today we see them as reality not mentioning many others. Sci-Fi is therefore important as it triggers the imaginations of scientist to come up with more inventions

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