Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Teleportation

Quantum teleportation refers to the process in which quantum information can be transmitted from one location to another with the help of classical communication and previously shared quantum entanglement between the sending and receiving location. The experimental mastery of complex quantum systems is required for future technologies like quantum computers and quantum encryption. This article covers Quantum Teleportation to bring out the concept of that kind of transmission first demonstrated in a laboratory 20 years ago.

According to the BBC headlines, reports were discovered that suggested that scientists have successfully transmitted quantum entangled particles only to clarify, confusingly, that unlike science fiction teleportation devices, nothing physical is being transported. This is one of the deep issues that quantum physicists and philosophers still argue about

However, Chinese scientists called Jin Liwang ‘teleported’ a quantum state from a photon on the ground up to a satellite 1,400 kilometres away (composite photo). Physicists Asher Peres and William Wootters in 1993 first conceived of this kind of transmission to.

Basically, Quantum teleportation transfers the quantum state of one particle onto another, identical particle, and at the same time erases the state in the original. Ideally it can be seen as if the original particle has been moved to the position of the identical particle. That transport of the movement of the particle has not really happened but to all appearances it might as well have.

However, this works even if you do not know what information you are sending that is, what the quantum state of the original particle actually is. That’s important because making a measurement on an unknown quantum signal can disturb and alter it.

Teleportation of a quantum state uses the phenomenon of quantum entanglement as a means of transmission. The phenomenon that when two or more particles are entangled, their quantum states are interdependent, no matter how far apart they are. In effect, they act as a single quantum object, described by a single wave function the mathematical construct that encodes all the quantum properties of the object.

However, there have been occasions where the teleportation of objects from the satellite to are fantastical for instance China’s quantum satellite that broke entanglement record.

Note that It is crucial that the teleported state is never actually copied. The fact that it is destroyed during the entanglement-enabled teleportation ensures that there is never a duplicate. The process thereby observes a fundamental principle in quantum mechanics, called no-cloning: it is impossible to make a copy of an unknown quantum state.

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