Cloud-hosted, Multi Camera, Real-time Vehicle CCTV

Dash Cam Full HD

Any modern fleet must include vehicle CCTV to protect your company and personnel from unexpected mishaps and expensive insurance claims. Handsfree Group can offer the answer your company requires, whether it be mounting a dash cam to a commercial vehicle or placing a reversing camera system onto an HGV.

Types of CCTVs

We have a monitor option for you whether you want to see only the back of your car or all four sides.

Characteristics of the monitors

Key Features 

  • 7” Digital Colour Mirror Monitor
  • 4 AV Inputs (4 triggered)
  • Screen Ratio 16:9
  • PAL/NTSC auto-switching
  • Built-in speaker
  • Viewing Angle 60/70/75/75o
  • 12v-24v Operation
  • 4 Pin Aviation Connection
  • Direct Vision Standards – DVS Compliant

Key Benefits:

• Reduce insurance premiums
• Improve driver safety
• Monitor fleet performance

We have a wide variety of cameras that can meet your demands, whether you want to keep an eye on the inside of the car or the outside of the car and its surroundings.

Internal camera

Sony CCD Chipset
• Internal or external use
• 170° Viewing Angle
• 650 TV Lines
• IP68
• 35.4 (L) x 42.8 (W) x 36.8 (H) mm
• 12v
• 4 Pin Screw – Aviation connection

Reversing camera

Sony Super HAD Colour CCD Chipset
• 420 TV Lines
• 120° Viewing Angle
• 16 Infra-red LEDs
• IP69K
• 60 (H) x 69 (W) x 61 (D) mm
• 12v
• 4 Pin Screw – Aviation connection

Side camera

Tech 1080P HD Adjustable Side Camera removes nearside blindspots and increases visibility when turning.

DVS Compliant

Specialist camera

  • Sony CCD Chipset
  • High-level Brake light for Boxer & Ducato models
  • 12v compatible
  • 170o Viewing Angle
  • 6 Infra-Red LEDs
  • IP68
  • 265 (L) x 50.8 (W) mm
  • 4 Pin Aviation Connection