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Internet of Things

Internet of things refers to a system of interrelated computing devices, objects, mechanical and digital machines and people or animals. These objects are provided with unique identifiers and have the ability to transfer data or information over a network without requiring human to computer or human to human interactions. This article outlines the history of ….  Read More


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Strongest Telecommunication Network Providers in the World

The rising demand for wireless communication networks and the ongoing innovations in information and communications technologies has led to the rapid growth of the telecom companies in the world. In the near future, with the likes of IoT and M2M, The telecommunication industries especially those companies that offer Telecommunication Network are expected to be at ….  Read More


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Mpesa Penetration Across the World

Mobile money is a form of electronic money that allows people to conduct transactions using mobile phones. It allows financial services to be extended to unbanked people at a significantly lower cost because physical infrastructure isn’t needed. Mpesa is an example of mobile money that s rampantly used in Kenya. According to a study on ….  Read More

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Leading Telecommunication & Internet Equipment Supplier Across the Globe

The telecommunications industry is forecast to continue to expand operations on a global level. Today more individuals are signing up for telephone and internet contracts. Also new telecommunication technologies in developed nations are expanding providers’ pre-existing customer bases. Each of the world`s best telecommunication companies have a market value of at least $50 billion. This ….  Read More

fiber OPTIC

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Introduction Fiber transmissions of the internet are done via optic cables that offer efficient transfer of information over long distances. The fiber transmissions are immune to obstructions caused by electromagnetic fields and their operation works at greater bandwidths. Wireless internet transmissions do not involve any physical link to be established between the sender and recipient ….  Read More